Two for the taking

Here are a couple of videos that I’ve come across in the past week. They’re very different, but they both invite us to look outside ourselves and consider-to consider the intertwined lives of humanity and the things that we share in common. Hope you enjoy them! More tomorrow about this week…it’s been amazing!


The cat and kitten post…

For those of you in the know, you’ll know that I prefer cats to dogs. What you might not know is that my parents are currently feeding 15 cats (seven of which are kittens). So as well as sunshine and family and friends, my five weeks at home were full of cats.  I decided that if I ever lived at home for an extended period of time again, I would start a blog called “The Cat Chronicles” and tell inane stories of what’s going on in the daily lives of the cats on the property, and the amazing, wonderful, and clever things they did. Or better yet, I’d call it “The Kat Kronikles”… … maybe not. 😀

Anywho-pictures and video!

Hiking Tubal Cain

It’s been such a privilege to be home for a while, to spend time with amazing people and to see some beautiful places. On Saturday, I got to go hiking with some friends from church along the Tubal Cain and Tull Canyon trails. We had a bit of cloud cover to start out, but then it cleared up and was sunny for the rest of the day. About mid-day, we stopped for lunch, and I watched the clouds curling around a ridge. The combination of permanent and ephemeral was enthralling. My heart is indeed full.

Hlas (The Voice)


On Monday, the team went to visit a school in Prague.  We went to give a presentation in Wales, and to help the students practice English.  It reminded me strongly of the time when four native German speakers came to my German class when I was 15.  We sat and stared at them and spoke as little as possible.  I’m glad I’m not in junior high or high school any more.

After visiting the classes, we attended an English club at the same school.  One of the students that we had met earlier came running in, and said that they had two free tickets to a singing competition, and did any of us want to come? I said yes and so did Kristin.

So that evening, armed with small Czech phrase book, Kristin and I caught the metro to meet Misha and her family.  It turned out to be our best evening in Prague!  We had so much fun with Misha and her family, trying to say things in Czech and English, and making each other laugh because we had no idea what was being said!

The competition was superb as well, rather like American Idol or X-Factor.  I have now been on national television in two countries.  That’s just weird.  In the song clip, we’re standing up on the right-hand side in some of the frames.  It was fun being a teenage fan-girl for one night!