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Psalm 119-Aleph

I’ve had a brilliant idea, but I don’t have the skill to carry it through.  I’ll probably keep trying though.

I’ve been reading Psalm 119 recently and realized how much we lose through the English translation.  In Hebrew, each set of 8 lines began with a different letter of the alphabet.  So verses 1-8 all began with aleph which is equivalent to our letter a.  How cool would it be to write something that reflects that?!  Like I said, I’ve been trying, and it hasn’t been going so well.  Anybody want to help?

I’ve written a sentence to summarize what the first stanza’s all about.  If anybody wants to try and write an eight line poem on that theme, it would be amazing!  If people respond, I’ll keep posting about the rest of the psalm.

So here’s the summary (although you might want to read the psalm for yourself): How happy are the upright, who walk the way-obeying God’s statues with their whole heart.

Curiouser & Curiouser

Step 2 in Journeys

I’ve begun a project called “Journeys: A portrait of our community of faith” that I’m doing within the church. No matter what I may tell you, my real motivation to do this was to have an excuse to sit and talk to people because I was feeling lonely one week. I’m also hoping that it builds up the community. The premise behind this project is getting people to talk about life, God and the journey that he takes us on.So far, I’ve interviewed two couples, John and Wahnyce Beck and David and Carol Eddy. Both interviews have been encouraging and fascinating. I don’t know if you’re allowed to call it a trend or a theme yet when you’ve only interviewed two sets of people, but I noticed that God’s steadfast love and reading scripture keeps coming up. Not too surprising, coming from Christians.

It will be interesting to see how patterns develop, and I’m curious to see if there’s going to be a difference between how younger and older people answer. I wonder too, if there is something that ties all of the people at Manchester Community Church together that makes our community unique. What does each person bring to this puzzle we call church?