Curiouser & Curiouser

School’s about to start

Only a week and a bit until our DTS starts! At this point, it’s so strange to think of how full the house is going to be. We’ve got at least five coming and probably a sixth as well. Including our staff, that’s 12 in the house! Last year, there were seven people living here, so the increase in numbers feels exciting but a bit overwhelming. I find myself already thinking about finding time and places to Skype or to have time alone. With a full house, there’s never a lack of people to talk to if I want conversation, but there’s the disadvantage of walking into a room, hoping to have it to yourself and finding there’s already people in there! But for all the challenges of community life, I wouldn’t change it at all.

This past week, we had our staff training week. This was for everyone working in YWAM Wrexham not just those staffing the DTS (seems so strange to say that!) We started the mornings with worship, and watched and discussed some sermons on Ephesians. The first couple afternoons, we painted the house, both indoors where some trim needed new coats of paint, and on the outside of the house too. Bob also fixed the gates which were hanging low on their hinges. It’s so nice to be able to open them without fighting! 😀 On Wednesday afternoon, we all pitched in to work in the kitchen, even the kids! (The little girls, 5 and 4, did an amazing job rolling out the dough for samosas.) We made samosas and onion bhajis from scratch and made chicken curry as well. Everything was delicious!

Also during this week, Zaak, Mark and Sue’s son, did his work experience with us. I’m not sure if all 15-16 year olds have to do some sort of work experience, but it seems to be a common thing here in the UK. Zaak was with us for the whole week, doing pretty much everything we did. It was fun to have him around to add another voice to our group!

Thursday, we went for a hike at Pistyll Rhaeadr, which is about 30 miles away from Wrexham. I wasn’t too impressed from a distance, having seen more magnificent waterfalls back home, but up close, it was gorgeous…ferns, moss, gently flowing cascades, deep pools, archways and huge stones to scramble over. We also saw lots of sheep! At one point, two sheep came running down the path towards us and didn’t see us until the last minute when they hurriedly changed where they were going!


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