Curiouser & Curiouser


I don’t know if it’s simply because I’m American, but I didn’t hear about netball until recently (about a year or so ago). And even then, all I knew about it was that it’s kinda like basketball…but for girls. My real introduction to netball came here in Lilongwe. Deliah, an amazing YWAMer who lives and works here in Lilongwe, has a group of girls that she disciples every Friday and coaches in netball every Wednesday. I’ve been hanging out with the girls, and helping Deliah where I can.

Today, the girls were supposed to play a game against a team from another village, so they had been practicing a lot recently. Thursday, Friday and Saturday! However, the team they were supposed to play realized at the last minute that they had another game today. So the game’s been rescheduled for next Saturday, which unfortunately, I’ll miss.

It’s fun watching the girls play, because the older girls are very serious and play hard, while some of the younger girls don’t take things quite so seriously. Hannah and Efrida, some of the youngest players, got distracted and were laying down while play went on at the other end of the field! And of course, the girls who weren’t playing were cheering/singing/dancing. They play this dancing game where each girl takes a turn doing a specific dance, and once everyone has done it, they go on to the next type of dance.

All in all, there’s a lot of laughter and good fun had by everyone!

(I’ve made a video, but it refuses to upload! I’ve tried twice for about a total of 12 hours…and it’s only 50MB. Oufta. The video will have to wait until a better internet connection!)


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