Curiouser & Curiouser

Power outages

We’ve been lucky the past week, and the power’s been on most of the time.  It’s only gone off two or three times in the past week, and only once in the evening while we were cooking.

It can be a bit frustrating to have to finish off our cooking over the fire, but on the other hand, we’re learning to cook over the fire, which is a handy skill to have. Nsima, the most common Malawian dish is made with cornmeal and has the consistency of a very doughy bread. To eat it, you break off small pieces with your hand and dip it in some sort of relish. Our relish this week was roasted pumpkin, peanut powder and greens. So delicious!

Also, we discovered that a type of hibiscus called “Chidede” in Chichewa is used for a detox tea, jam and other goodies. There’s a boy’s orphanage close by that has loads of Chidede, so Gary went and picked some, and we spent the evening preparing the flowers to dry by solar light after dinner.


What are your thoughts?

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