Curiouser & Curiouser

A pocketful in Malawi

So what can you find while walking along the road in Lilongwe? A couple butterflies, poinsettia, bougainvillea, blue bachelor button looking things, and an unknown orange trumpet vine flower. The colors here are so rich and vibrant and saturated!  

On Wednesday, we went to a secondary school and Shelby taught at an assembly of 600-700 high schoolers. We’ll have the opportunity to do that every week while we’re here!

Thursday was a bit more of a relaxed day-we went to the feeding program in the morning, and then spent the afternoon at the Free Methodist Seminary relaxing, taking showers and getting ready to go out in the evening. There’s three people in my family whose birthday is on May 9th, my Uncle John, Jen (who is my cousin’s wife) and myself. Since Jen and I were in the same country, in the same city, we took the opportunity to celebrate together! It was an enjoyable and needed break to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Friday, Gary and Shelby stayed back to plan for the coming week, and Amanda, Lacey and I went to the feeding program. When we got to where we catch the mini-bus, we waited for 15 minutes, but all the mini-buses passing by were full. Finally, a guy with a pickup truck (Andre, a tobacco farmer on our road) took pity on us and gave us a lift to Crossroads. When I jumped out of the truck at Crossroads, my phone dropped to the ground without me noticing. Luckily, someone pointed that out to us, because someone else had started walking off with it! I ran up to the man who had my phone, said “thank you” and hurriedly took it back. After finishing the feeding program, we did some shopping, headed back to the house, and then taught a girl’s discipleship group about the character and nature of God. Such a full day!

Today is our day off, so I’m catching up on finances and playing solitaire a lot. I’ll probably bake some bread later, and go for a walk with Lacey. It’s a beautiful area to live in…

Oh, and the last picture-Jane was watering the plants, and Velvet, one of our guard dogs, really loves water. It was so much fun watching them!


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