Curiouser & Curiouser

Easter and print making

Over the course of this year, we’ve been trying to do creative workshops about once a month. In reality, however, it’s worked out to about once every two months. The basic premise is that we’ll invite some creative person to come talk to us about the area of art that they practice and then have a go at the same area ourselves. So far, we’ve had illustration, creative writing and most recently, print making. 

There’s a man in my church named John Wells who has a degree in illustration, and has done some amazing work. On Monday, he spent three hours with us, talking about the place of art in worship, challenging our thinking about images and icons. He also brought some supplies along and offered us the opportunity to create some images of our own, reflecting on what Easter means to us.

It’s interesting to see the breadth of expression that happens given one topic and one sheet of paper. We have everything from flowers to stone to sunrises. What does Easter mean to you? What would you include in an image about Easter?


What are your thoughts?

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