Curiouser & Curiouser



Even though I’ve lived all my life fairly far north, it never ceases to amaze me that the sun stay so low in the winter. Today, it barely made it above the rooftops across the street! And the sun isn’t even that bright! But I’m still very glad of the sunlight we do have. Life would be miserable without it.

We went to a ministry tonight that I personally find very challenging. It’s a youth club/drop in center sort of thing for teenagers to come hangout of Friday night. I just started volunteering there in October, and each week I struggle to want to go. I find it difficult to connect to teenagers in general, and I don’t thrive in unstructured environments.

I’d love to say that God magically transforms my heart each time I go, and that I have amazing, life-changing conversations with the teens there. But I’m afraid it’s an agonizingly slow process of building relationships and earning trust over long periods of time, perhaps years.

Oh Lord, would you turn me into a bright light without having to hollow me out first? That’d be less painful! I don’t really mean that though. I know what you’re asking me to do is worth it…


What are your thoughts?

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