Curiouser & Curiouser



We’ve got a community Christmas party coming up soon, so I’ve been on the lookout for nice shoes and a nice dress. Perhaps because I’ve been looking at charity shops, I haven’t found anything that really appeals to me yet. It doesn’t help that shopping isn’t my favorite thing in the world!

I also think there’s a huge difference between American and British fashion. From what I remember of American clothes, they were somewhat boring and straightforward in the style/sewing, and had a decent range of color. What I’m seeing here is boring colors and creative (sometimes too frouffy) style/sewing.

I wish I could combine the two somehow, and have creative, colorful, but not too frouffy clothing. If it would be inexpensive with interesting, quality materials, that would be perfect. I think I may need to just buy myself a sewing machine instead!


What are your thoughts?

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