Curiouser & Curiouser

Today’s temperature


Chilly, that’s what it is outside today! But our house is warm, and we were inside for most of the day.

The day started off in the best way possible: listening to someone’s story. Our teammate Dave has been with us since October, and we hadn’t had a chance to hear his testimony. It was good to finally sit down together and hear again how God makes broken lives whole!

We also had Taryn talking about destiny for most of today. We looked at the difference between what many people think about destiny (it’s fate, it’s inevitable, it’s unchangeable) and what the bible has to say (God cares a bit more about your character and being in relationship with you than ‘the plan’ for your life). We’ll get to talk about it more tomorrow and Friday.

Lastly, Taryn, Sarah and I went to the salvation army to help out with the foodbank and Christmas hampers for an hour, and came home to a tasty meal of Mediterranean chickpeas and couscous. There’s a lot more of the evening to go, but so far, it’s been a good day!


What are your thoughts?

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