Curiouser & Curiouser



Every morning, we as a staff talk to God about the day and about the things going on within our team. And this morning, we ended up asking God to make today a joyful day.

Thankfully, today is Shelby’s *real* 21st birthday. So we celebrated her twice today. Once quietly with ourselves (we have a habit of asking for highlights of the past year, hopes for the coming year and then everyone saying nice things about the birthday person) and again tonight at our community potluck.

Every Tuesday of a lecture week, we open our home up for a bring and share, as they call it here. There’s great food, and talking to friends and strangers from the local churches, a couple songs and a short talk. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends that I wouldn’t normally come across!

Another joyful thing is that our speaker for the rest of the week arrived today. Her name is Taryn, and she’ll be talking about destiny. I’m particularly happy that she’s here, because I’ve known her for nearly four years now (we met in Albania, or was it Greece?) and she’s become a good friend. The greatest thing about having friends all over the place is meeting them again and again!


What are your thoughts?

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