Curiouser & Curiouser


I wish I could tell every story fully. But even the simplest story is never complete, and I don’t know all of it, because I saw only one side. And Glasgow is wrapped up in stories- of a long and deep conversation with a stranger on the 6 hour bus ride there; of happy reunions; of hot chocolate on Haloween night; of being kissed on the cheek and blessed by an old Scottish man; of looking for treasure and finding a homeless man and his dog; of waiting for hours in the rain; of sleeping on floors. This list goes on. And I’m just one person. There were 174 other people in the east end of Glasgow this past week, striving to be the body of Christ there. Imagine the stories they could tell.

I’m going to try and tell a few of the stories in my next newsletter. (Which should be ready by tomorrow at the latest.) So if you want to here a few of those stories, stay tuned!

But the best story for me was simply time being with Saulo. (And just to fill space…some photos that Lacey took while in Glasgow, and that I took while traveling back to Wrexham!)


What are your thoughts?

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