Curiouser & Curiouser

Wrexham Foodbank

Sarah, Shelby and I just got back from collecting food at a grocery store for the new food bank here in Wrexham. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the few hours that we spent there! The three of us suited up in green aprons when we arrived (which made me feel like I was wearing a shell-all I needed to complete the outfit was a purple mask and a staff!) and stationed ourselves by the doors. We then handed out shopping lists to the people coming in and asked them to help out!

My spiel went a little like this: “Hiya, we’re collecting food for the food bank at Salvation Army today, and these are some of the items we’re looking for if you’d be willing to help out.” Repeat with small variations x100, with a smile.

I was amazed at how friendly people were. I know I’m not that warm to people who are handing out leaflets at the supermarket. But they were actually willing to help out.  I only got a handful of “no thank you”s. (And some “I’m alright, thanks.” Of course you’re alright! It’s the people who we’re trying to help out who aren’t alright!) But all in all, it seems that the people of Wrexham are a fairly generous bunch, and what they gave today will make such a difference for those who are in crisis!


What are your thoughts?

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