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Caernarfon (Carnarvon) Castle

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Caernarfon (Carnarvon in English) Castle is probably my favorite old building that we’ve visited so far.  Erddig Hall was large and full of interesting old things while Chirk Castle had beautifully proportioned rooms and was interesting because it was still a family home.&nbs
p; Caernarfon is something different all together.  Built by King Edward I to prove to the Welsh that he was in charge, today it’s empty, but not a ruin. And that’s where the fun comes in.  Unlike the other buildings, full of furnishings and things you can’t touch, you can pretty much go anywhere you like in the castle. There’s corridors and towers and empty rooms to wonder about. There’s also a military history museum, which somehow managed to be interesting, and a small museum about how Caernarfon was the traditional seat of the Prince of Wales.  It’s actually where Prince Charles was invested in 1969.

What made visiting Caernafon even better was getting to visit it with my friends Lucas and Magda.  Magda and I (and Lucas too) ran up all the narrow, winding, slightly scary stairs to the tops of all the towers, and my parents waited down below and enjoyed being in a very amazing castle! To make the day amazing, we had some delicious icecream (chocolate, mango and passionfruit) from across the way. On the way back home, we drove through Snowdonia.  I’m very happy that my parents got to see that.  Although I come from a place with a lot of mountains, Snowdonia is different than anywhere else I’ve seen in the world- all weathered rock and slate and heather, sheep and waterfalls. So beautiful!


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