Curiouser & Curiouser


Yesterday, we drove out to Llandudno (pronounced llan-did-no) for the day.?? It’s an old tourist town on the North Wales coast.?? One of the main features of the town is a very large hill that juts out into the sea called the Great Orme.?? Back in the day (before history was written down) there was a community that lived there, and copper mines and a tiny little church founded by a guy named St. Tudno (hence Llan-dudno)!

So we drove up to the top, ate lunch, wandered around a little, drove down to the little church (and large cemetary!) and wandered around some more. We were then going to explore town, but unfortunately couldn’t find any parking. So we drove back and had a quiet evening.

Today, I’ve been catching up on finances and some other work that I haven’t had a chance to do for awhile.?? It’s nice to have a quiet day in the midst of fun adventures, exploring so many parts of Wales!

Also, we had a rental car for a day after our Weymouth trip, and it got very high mpg! 😀 We also had some fun playing with the Jelly Bellies that mom and dad brought over with them


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