Curiouser & Curiouser

One year ago, today.

I got on a plane headed to London, and then another to Johannesburg, and then another to Lilongwe, Malawi.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll board a plane going to Munich and then Birmingham, and eventually end up home in Wales.  It’s strange how much a place can become home in the span of one year.  But Wrexham now is home-friends, the community of churches, Just Across, the proliferation of discount stores downtown, Bellevue Park and Clwedog Trail, Erddig are all now a part of who I am.  And hopefully it will become even more of a home in the next year.

When I left Port Orchard last year, I was really struggling with the concept of what it meant to be at home anywhere I went.  But over and over again, I’ve sensed God saying to me that my home is where he is.  And since God is everywhere, my home is the whole world.  I may have mentioned it before, (and I apologize if I have and you remember it) but one of my favorite quotes relating to that is Mark 10:29-30 where Jesus says that anyone who goes away from friends and family for his sake and the gospel’s sake will have the whole world for their father and mother and sister and brothers (along with their troubles as well).  It makes me smile, every time.

Anyways, I wanted to highlight eight of my favorite posts from this past year…and after that, sleep!

27 July, 2011- Safari

23 September, 2011- Before Everyone Gets Here

9 December, 2011- December 2011 Playlist

2 January 2012- Goals for 2012

5 March 2012- INTP

1 May 2012- Hlas (The Voice)

4 May 2012- Sitting in the Park

19 June 2012- Just who do I think I am?


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