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Being in Cahul



Album of photos from Cahul on Facebook

Hmmm.  There’s so many thing that I could say about our time in Cahul.  It was a breath of fresh air, we had a blast, we’re so glad that we went, we wish we could have gone for longer. But sometimes, those sayings can be overused.

Last Tuesday, Anna, Kristin and I travelled south from Chisinau to Cahul.  (I felt rather smug that we were able to navigate the public transportation system and to get there without any help.  But after two months, we should be able to do that!) We went to spend time with and support Ywam Moldova which is based there. We arrived right at noon, and then had lunch with the team. After just one meal, I was so glad that we came, simply because it was nice to talk to people who I had so much in common with, in terms of our experience of missions and our values.

That evening, we also met a team from Ywam Switzerland who are doing their outreach in Moldova. They were helping to run a children’s day camp at a local church by leading games and the different groups of children.  We (Anna, Kristin and I) were also going to help at the day camp, but in a slightly different way.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the three of us went to the church and prayed for the camp and the children from 9:30-12:30.  That was challenging and wonderful.  For the first half hour or so, we prayed for the normal things (paitience for leaders, safety, a good time, for God to be there) but then we had to get creative in order to concentrate.  It was wonderful to sing and read scripture and listen to God for the leaders, the children and their families. The second day was even more difficult, as we felt that we had already prayed for everything! But we were inspired to pray for faith, hope and love.  Again, we used scripture and song to be able to pray for the whole time.

Thursday evening, we helped to organize a party for a member of the Cahul team that was leaving for Switzerland for a month and for the Swiss team as they were leaving for a village on Saturday. We played games, encouraged each other, and stayed up talking until late at night.

Friday morning, Kristin shared about having hunger for God and what he’s doing with Ywam Cahul.  It was encouraging and exciting to hear stories about what God has done in her life, and to pray for each other. After that, we helped to clean and organize the storage area of one of the apartments.  Our team really enjoys doing practical things, so I’m glad that we were able to help out in that way!

After lunch on Friday, we travelled back to Chisinau, happy to have gone and helped and learned some new things, but sad to be leaving new friends behind. It’s nice to know that we’ll probably meet some of them again.  After all, the world is rather small. 😀

For some photos along with the post, check here on Facebook.  If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll add them to this post!


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