Curiouser & Curiouser

Mid-outreach Update

I haven’t really taken the time to take many photos and videos over the past month.  I’ve had some free time, but I’ve been reading a lot of detective novels (Poirot by Agatha Christie and Wimsey by Dorothy Sayers). I find that sometimes, the thing that I enjoy most has nothing to do with what I’m currently doing. So these days, when my days are full of people, sunshine and ice cream…detective novels are just right.

That makes it sound like we’re not doing anything. We are!  We’ve had a couple incredibly full and a-bit-too-busy weeks, but mostly, our weeks have been just right. They’ve been a combination of ministry that we plan ourselves, and joining in with ministries that are run by Moldovans.  That’s what we’re here for really, not only to share God’s love with others on our own, but also to support and build up the body of Christ that’s already here, and to join in the work that they’re doing!

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The videos: Capoeira in Stefan cel Mare park, lots and lots of rain, and fishing early in the morning at Rassvet with Sergei. (Not necessarily in that order.)


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