Curiouser & Curiouser

Being a tourist in Prague

I hate it and I love it, being a tourist, that is.  When I’m not being a tourist, I love that I actually get to know people in the place that I am, that I know the real city (in this case) rather than just its pretty facade.  But I miss seeing the famous things that tourists get to see.  When I am being a tourist, I love walking around the beautiful buildings and looking at art in museums.  I love the luxury of basking in the sunshine and eating ice cream from expensive stalls, and buying tatty tourist trinkets.  But I hate looking like a tourist and not fitting in with the locals. I also strongly dislike being in a group with other tourists, because as soon as we start talking to each other, all the local people think, “Ah, Americans,” and roll their eyes.

I wonder if I could become a ninja tourist and silently blend in with the locals while still enjoying the expensive ice cream…

And now, for your own benefit: Prague.

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