Curiouser & Curiouser

First day in Prague…

Where to start? Perhaps at the only story that was solely mine today…Anna, Shelby, Kristin and I finished up at the English club and headed home on the metro. We got off at our stop and were going out of the station. There was an escalator and a flight of stairs. I decided to use the escalator, and everyone else took the stairs. They raced up, and I decided that, to annoy them, I would make them wait at the top for as long as possible. So I started walking backwards down the stairs. What I didn’t know was that there was someone behind me…at least not until the man was parallel with me. Unfortunately, I made direct eye contact. So I blurted out “hi!” and dashed up the rest of the escalator, giggling like a 14 year-old school girl. To my further embarrassment, I was eating an apple at that time, and I took a bite, choked on it, and started coughing. Well, hello Prague! How did you know that I wasn’t from here?

The rest of the day went well, I think. I woke up at 7 wondering whose alarm was making all the noise (it was mine.) Anna and I went and bought some cereal and stuff for lunch at the mini mart down the road. All I knew how to say was “Dobry den” but that was enough, because the shop owner switched to English in the next question: How are you? Where are you from? How long are you in Prague? I hope you enjoy your stay and visit my store again.

Yes, kind shop owner, I just might do that!

For those of you who actually want to know what we did today, we bought some groceries and explored the area around our apartment, and then we went to a pastor’s conference to help clean up after lunches and the coffee breaks. After the conference, we went to an English club. We played games, acted out the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus, watched a video about the same topic, and then talked about travelling and everything that goes along with travelling. We ended up hanging out with the six teenagers of the English club for 3 hours.

Oh, and we had pizza for dinner, but cooked in a skillet. At 9pm. A long day. Tomorrow, our day starts at 600am!

(Now onto Thursday) The early morning prayer at the Muzeum went well, and we had the chance to explore a bit before going to help at the pastor’s conference again. The little I saw of downtown Prague just whetted my appetite to see more! It was beautiful and peaceful, at least outside of the major shopping areas. Also, I managed to ask someone who only spoke Czech where the dishwasher tablets were in my fantastic pidgin Russian/Czech/English. Very proud of that moment.

Pictures to come later, once I get them off my phone!


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