Curiouser & Curiouser

A bit of who I am

I love personality quizzes and questionnaires. I enjoy understanding why I do the things I do, what makes me tick. I enjoy understanding why I’m not naturally good at certain things (like understanding what other people feel).  But most of all, I love personality thingumabobs because it helps me understand the people around me.

We’re having a lecture week about Identity and Personality this week, taught by Anne Sloan.  I’ve sat through her teachings twice already, and I’m looking forward to hearing her teach again!  The week is a fantastic time of watching people understand that other people really do think differently to them, and are not just being annoying.  It’s also a great week of learning to have grace for people different than ourselves, learning to work as a body.

In preparation for the week, Anne asked us to do Strengths Finders. It’s all about understanding what you do well, and then working within your strengths. And because I like this sort of thing, I’m going to tell you what I came out as! My top five strengths mostly had to do with thinking and loving ideas and knowledge. What are your strengths? How does your brain work?  What do you love?


What are your thoughts?

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