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A Valentine’s Day Playlist

(With some help from Shelby Holmes).

As Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and the day is all about love, I had our team write valentines to God.  I know, it’s kinda weird. But it was a great way to be creative in what we say to God.  I put together a playlist of songs to play in the background while we were making valentines. The songs are secular, but they’ve got some great lyrics. Especially if you think about them as if you’re singing them to God, or God is singing them to you.  I know, that’s kinda weird too…but I hope you enjoy the music!


1 thought on “A Valentine’s Day Playlist”

  1. Elezabeth, This is so fun!!!! I have never had my music so handy and you made a great selection to choose from and I have really had fun with this – will return when I am ???in the mood??? Have a blessed day. Linda

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