Curiouser & Curiouser

Looking back at 2011

I know that Christmas is just begun, but I’ve been thinking about this past year and all the good things it has held for me.  If I could choose one word to sum this year up, it’d be “content,” because I am.  Full-up to the top, cup over-flowing, cat on a pillow in a sunny window content.  I haven’t done anything to deserve such goodness, but I am thankful and blessed by God’s generosity. Especially in terms of people.

2011 has been the year of people like no other.  At one point (the 12th of November, to be specific) I felt like I didn’t ever want to meet a person again because I was feeling overwhelmed after meeting 200 new people at once.  But I have met more new people and enjoyed getting to discover who they are. If you’re someone who I’ve met for the first time this year, thank you.  You’re awesome and I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming years.  If you’re an old friend, thanks for sticking around.  I like life much better, knowing you.


What are your thoughts?

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