Curiouser & Curiouser

What to do when the power goes out…


What do you do when the power goes out and you’re all finished with lesson planning for tomorrow? (Well, almost all finished.) Why, draw a map by candlelight of course!

This is the approximate layout of Great Commission Bible School.  As I just said…approximate.  There are many inaccuracies and suchlike. But it does convey the general idea!

Just a note-there’s going to be some major protests against the President of Malawi tomorrow.  The American Embassy has advised everyone to stay at home on Wednesday, and even the gardeners are spending the night here so they don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow.  Please pray for the safety of the protesters, and also that things won’t get out of hand at all.

(Teal, let me know if this answers your questions!)


What are your thoughts?

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