Curiouser & Curiouser

Lake Malawi

Did I mention that there’s a new member of my family? On Friday, Ryan and Jen officially adopted Chisomo! He is now Chisomo Matthew Willson. Chisomo also started walking on Thursday, so it’s been a big week for him! In chapel on Friday morning, we prayed for Ryan and Jen as they went to court. It was pretty incredible to be in a room full of men all praying for peace for Ryan and Jen, the right words for the lawyer, a lack of corruption in the judge and court system, and finally that God’s will would be done. And thank you to everyone back home who was praying as well.

On Saturday, all of the school staff (Ryan’s family, the Alexander family and myself) went up to Lake Malawi. It was a bit of a drive, perhaps an hour and a half, and all along the way, there were people walking or riding their bikes. It was a little bit frightening at times when there was a bike on each side, and on coming traffic. The roads are fairly narrow, so I spent a good bit of my time trying to make the car narrower by sheer willpower. Nothing happened though, so it was a pointless exercise.

The lake was huge and beautiful. It’s been pretty windy recently, so there were some big waves to play in. The kids spent all their time in the water, and the adults, all their time chatting with each other. I split my time between the two. It’s kinda nice to be able to do both comfortably!


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