Curiouser & Curiouser

The first week of classes

Much to my surprise I made it through my first day (Tuesday). To my even greater surprise, I had a bit of fun teaching on the second day. By the third day I was enjoying teaching, and by yesterday (Friday) I was plotting how I could torture my students. But really, that’s exactly how it happened.

Happily, I’ve felt comfortable in front of the class, so that hasn’t been a worry. But the first day was difficult because I wasn’t able to gauge the reactions of my three students to what I was teaching. Basically, there wasn’t any reaction. There was attention, and politeness, but not many questions and no real connection. I was crying after I went to bed because I just didn’t know if I was doing any good.

When I started teaching the second day, things were still a bit uncomfortable. But then, I started to introduce some new vocabulary, and as I did that, I felt like I was really teaching. Since then, things have just gotten better. I’ve been able to gauge where the students need help, and it seems like they’re engaging much more with the lessons as time goes on. In fact, I was having the students practice using this/that/these/those, and one of the students said “Brothers, is this class helpful?” All (the other two) said yes. *Phew!*

I’ve been trying to use as many games as possible to reinforce what’s being taught, and one of the things that’s surprised me is just how much they enjoy them. There’s a lot of laughter and exclamations and drawing in of breath, even when we just play hangman (Spelling practice, although they’re way too good at it. Someday, they’re going to lose a round!)


What are your thoughts?

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