Curiouser & Curiouser

Opening chapel

Earlier today, someone asked if we were going to sing tonight for chapel. We did. I don’t think you can do anything without singing! However, I don’t think I’m going to get tired of it. The power went out at 6pm tonight, and came back on at 8, so we had chapel in the dark. It was rather fun, although I’ve no idea what my students really look like. Nor do they have any idea what I look like. So it will be a pleasant surprise tomorrow to see everyone’s faces.

As well as singing (including a song about kicking, punching, and headbutting the devil, complete with motions), the other teachers were introduced. Mr. Alexander (Michael) will be teaching on the major prophets and on worship, trying to make everything as practical as possible for the students. The other teach is a Malawian woman named Mrs. Mdazyola. She will be teaching a course on HIV/Aids. It sounds like the students have a lot of work ahead of them, but the classes will be so worthwhile. I’d love to take all of them if I weren’t teaching!

So, please be praying for the students as they prepare for classes. A few are still arriving, as the fuel crisis affected their journey. Several of them had their buses stop halfway through the journey because they had run out of fuel, and the drivers had to go around to people’s houses and ask for petrol. There simply isn’t any available at the gas stations. Also, please be praying for Ryan and Jen. They’re trying to adopt a little Malawian boy named Chisomo, and their adoption appeal is going before a judge this Friday. If the judge says yes, Chisomo will be Chisomo Matthew Willson. So please pray for favor with the judge, and that he won’t delay out of desire for bribes.


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