Curiouser & Curiouser

London Town

Made it safely to London, and am currently waiting for my flight to Johannesburg in the new terminal 5 in Heathrow.  The gate hasn’t been announced yet and I’m filling my time and keeping myself awake typing this message.  Hopefully I’ll find some free wifi to send it!

The first photo is of some lovely popcorn clouds over the Isle of Man.  It’s neat looking out the window to see places that I’ve been before. I left the boat (Next Wave) when it was dry-docked at the Isle of Man.  And seeing the wind turbine farm just outside the mouth of the Mersey River made me think of the numerous times I’ve sailed past it towards the boat’s home port of Liverpool. Strange that wind turbines could make me homesick! Or is it only sentimental?

The rest of the photos are from the natural history museum.  My layover was from noon to 7pm, so I went into town and headed for the museums.  I was debating between the natural history museum and the Victoria and Albert museum, and I think I may have chosen the wrong one.  The V&A would be much more interesting than taxidermied animals.  It has paintings and sculpture and children’s clothing and everything you could think of.  But the fossils and botanical drawings were pretty neat.

Only an hour and a bit and I’ll be on my way to South Africa!


What are your thoughts?

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