Curiouser & Curiouser

CD of the Month-November



As my mom said, it’s a little weird.?? At least that was my first reaction.?? Even now, after listening to the set of five cds, I can see where she’s coming from.?? But I think I like this music.?? Sufjan Stevens sings like he means it.?? When he says “you” in a song, it takes a second to realize that he’s not talking to me. The home recording may play apart in that reaction, but from reading the liner notes, it seems like Sufjan Stevens has a deep desire to be sincere and transparent.?? I really like that, even if I may have my doubts about some of his music.

Favorite song for lyrics: Once in Royal David’s City (Disc 5)

I didn’t realize that this song had lyrics in the first place, and now that I listen to them, they’re well thought out and reflective.

Most questionable song: Come Thou Font of Every Blessing (Disc 2)

Still not sure what I think about this one.?? It almost sounds like the instrumentals are in a minor key, while the vocals are in a major key.?? Not the most beautiful rendition, although very creative.

Song I want to listen right now: O Come O Come Emmanuel (Disc 5)

It makes me think of paint by numbers, where you’re not quite sure what’s going on, but suddenly the colors start to make sense and you can see the big picture.

What are your thoughts?

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