Curiouser & Curiouser


If last winter crawled by like a glacier, than this summer has evaporated like dew on a 105 degree day. (A little labored, I know, but it’ll do.) After the struggles of settling in and getting used to living at home again, the summer-full of friends and family-has been a huge blessing.

Peter (my brother) got married on August 15, and I had the honor of being his “best man.” At least that’s what I called it. Others termed it “best woman,” “best friend,” or the one that I wish we had thought of earlier “best sister.” The day went smoothly, with a ceremony with only one hitch and one knot, and a reception full of great food and great people. I hadn’t seen some of my family in a few years, so it was a blessing to sit down and connect, even if it was only a couple minutes.

After the wedding, my parents headed off for a three week vacation in eastern Washington/northern Idaho, and I started preparing for out of town guests. My house, as per usual, was creatively chaotic. My mom would say that it was a disaster area. Everything was ready in time for them to arrive and have some restful days here before they headed out again.

It was so good to see friends from Next Wave again, and even better to spend a lot of time with them. Brit and his friend Beau were traveling across the country on their way to LA, and Autumn and her mom Anita were in town for a wedding. I don’t think I could have had better house guests for my first time hosting. The only problem is that I miss them now.

Seeing them again reminded me of the joys of living in community and having people around all the time. I wish I understand the difference between living with a group of people approximately my age, and living with my family, but I don’t. In theory they’re all people, and I should therefore enjoy spending time equally with either set, but I don’t. Perhaps it’s a different sort of enjoyment. With community living, it’s an enjoyment of excitement, and with family living, it’s an enjoyment of comfort perhaps.

Anyways, I’m anticipating a good autumn, with warm sweaters, pumpkins, colorful leaves and more friends and family. I’m hoping too that autumn will bring a change in my work. I’ve been at Corina Bakery for almost a year. I feel stagnate and dull, and that’s not something that I want. I’m hoping to find a job that will allow me to learn while I work, and also to get my student loans paid off within the next year. I really long to be back on the missions field, overseas. I know it will split my heart to leave here, but I think it may be a matter of multiplication than division. One can hope.


What are your thoughts?

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