Curiouser & Curiouser

Bare Branches


I love the way the smell and feel of outdoors lingers even after you’ve been inside for awhile. It seems to pervade the entire house with its presence, wrapping green tendrils around lamps and couches, covering the carpet with loam. Somehow, it makes everything happier and lighter. I’m realizing more and more how much I love plants and all things that grow.

I pruned out all the dead canes of raspberries today, and now the rows stand tall and erect-like a garden should be. I love chaos and disorder, but a garden should be a place where nature has a little bit of help, at least a vegetable garden! Flower gardens are another matter. They should run wild and rampant and the plants should tumble over each other with joy. I’ve already seen the first tips of green pushing through the soil, and very soon, (but never soon enough) the gardens here at the house will start to bloom with the first crocuses and daffodils. I heard ducks back at the pond today, so spring is coming! I can’t wait for it get here.


What are your thoughts?

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