Curiouser & Curiouser

A note about links

Places to go and things to do. We all have them. Mine are conveniently located to the right side of this screen. I would recommend taking a look at them, especially the Free Rice site. It’s a vocab-building, hunger reducing sort of site.

Notcot is a design/ideas/interesting things site, where I can easily waste a lot of time looking at beautiful things, and some very weird things. Relevant Magazine is a Christian publication geared toward idealistic young people who want to make a difference in the world, and enjoy life along the way. Flaming Waters is the blog of my cousin Ryan who is currently working in Malawi, along with his family.

Marine Reach is the site of organization that I worked for while I was on the boat. Stop the Traffik is the site of an organization aiming to do just that-stop human traffiking. Narnia Web follows the news of the making of the Narnia movies, and has a thriving community of Narnia and CS Lewis fans. Save the Words is just plain interesting-thanks to Teal for that link! and Manchester Community Church need I say more? Well, the guy opening the door in the photograph is my dad! 😀


What are your thoughts?

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