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Three Amusing Old Men

This is the story of three people I saw today that made me laugh. I know one of them, the other two are strangers. This first guy-Darrell is an old man who has some sort of dementia, lives in Tacoma, and comes into the bakery every morning. He has no social perception (he will interrupt intimate conversations all the time) and is a very evangelical Christian. While he is sweet some of the time, he is also frustrating. This morning, he amused me by hurriedly buying a peanut butter cookie, running outside, and feeding the peanut butter cookie to the crows. It was rather shocking, because he has very little money. I’m still not quite sure I understand.

The next old guy that made me laugh was someone who got on the bus in Gig Harbor-he was wearing bright yellow track pants, a bright yellow jacket, and a very purple watch cap. If that wasn’t enough to make me smile, he was listening to 1980’s motivational music (like “Eye of the Tiger”) very loudly on repeat. Yet again, I don’t understand! Who was he, and what was he trying to psych himself up for?

Lastly, I went for a walk when I got home from work. There’s one road nearby my house that goes up a hill and has no outlet, so it’s quiet, and I like to walk it. It’s the type of road that people wave to each other on. But evidently, one guy thought it was too much effort to wave while driving his car, so I got an index finger raise instead. Maybe he could give the queen some lessons on not overexerting oneself!


2 thoughts on “Three Amusing Old Men”

  1. Hi there… i found your blog a couple of days ago, and couldn’t really decide whether to leave a comment or not. As i am a wildly irreverent person and always questioning everything around me, i thought to myself "do i really want to comment on this nice persons blog and then have her follow my profile links all the way back to my world of wierdness?"<br/><br/>But as i happened by again today, i saw this post and maybe thought i could offer you some thoughts…<br/><br/>The first person… it made me think of something that i always believe in, and that is to live in the here and now as much as possible… sometimes you just have to do what feels right and good to you in that moment… hence the feeding of the crows… it’s a selfless gift from a very poor man to a thankless creature… but… maybe there is a message in there for you, being a Christian, and maybe what happened was that God was trying to show you something? Or maybe i just read too much into these things…. but i do believe God works subtly for people. =)<br/><br/>Not sure that i have anything worth saying about the 2nd person. I feel that there is some link between the two, though, that is more than just your writing.<br/><br/>But the 3rd part of your story kind of makes me wish i had a road like that near my home. I’d go there every day! I hope that rude man didn’t spoil your day. I know i’d always cherish a kind gesture from any person.<br/><br/>Anyway. You have a real good day in your beautiful part of the world. Haa, i think this is the longest ever comment i have made on someones weblog.<br/><br/>Goodbye for now!<br/><br/>S.x

  2. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your thoughts, and I agree with you that there is a link between the first two. One of my favorite books is called Man Alive (by GK Chesterton-along the same veins as CS Lewis and Tolkein) and it’s the story of a person wanted to live like they were fully alive, seizing each moment to really savor life’s fullness. I think that’s what both Darrell and the man in the yellow suit were trying to do-it’s just different than the way most people try to savor life, if they do try to savor it! <br/>As for the last man, he didn’t ruin my day…he just left me a little bemused. <br/>I hope you have a good day too-in your beautiful part of the world.<br/>E-

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